About Us

Our team are very experienced retail leaders who offer a personal and bespoke service to our customers. These range from charities with small retail businesses or about to start out in retail to some of the largest charity retailers in the UK. The constant is everyone in our team is totally addicted to making a difference.

We are a UK registered training provider, made up of a varied team of skilled specialists. Our team provide charities with the support they need to achieve their goals. Our breadth of experience and dedication empowers countless charities to optimise the return from their retail outlets.

We don’t just offer a superficial description of the problems our clients are faced with; we delve deeper to establish the root cause of the problem and identify and implement the required fixes. In each case, we work alongside our clients to tailor a bespoke training and support package that’s right for them.

In terms of charity retail, we are very different from the marketplace, which is occupied by individual consultants who have some limited knowledge or expertise or the very large consultancies where charity retail is not their core area of expertise. However, we have a considerable depth of expertise and knowledge of charity retail coupled with the capability and capacity to deliver.

Our expertise is genuine and well defined with a growing list of satisfied clients.

We are the absolute market leaders within Charity Retail Training and Charity Retail Strategy development. We are a UK registered training provider plus being the only provider of commercial training for charity retail teams.

Our methodology is about making a real difference and fixing the cause of the problem not simply writing a glossy report about the effects of a problem. One of our USP’s are we can walk the talk and deliver any aspect of any project or fix any problem for any charity.

We offer a wide range of different services from advisory to hands on leadership, from strategy development to strategy delivery. We typically become the trusted advisors by working in close partnership with our clients to deliver improved business performance by combining original thinking, astute analysis, and practical solutions. Our approach is defined by our belief that maximising potential is a combination of knowledge and experience. So, by combining MBA’s and CIPD’s with considerable practical retail and leadership experience gained from holding key directorships, alongside our consultancy skills we have a track record of producing sustainable results. If you want change then we will deliver operational and culture change that improves the retail performance.

We are big enough and able to resource any project with the right level of expertise yet small enough to offer a bespoke personal service. Every day, one of our team of specialists is listening, advising, and helping to create value for many different charities across the UK.

Barry Moles

Managing Director

Barry Moles, our MD, has been working in charity retail for decades. His qualifications include a CIPD, an MBA from Henley Business School, one of the world’s leading business schools. As a Management Consultant specialising in Retail Strategy and E-Commerce, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the UK retail sector.

In 2014, he launched Skyline Business Services and more recently Charity retail training and support services: a specialist consultancy offering bespoke support to charities across the country. Under Barry’s leadership, Skyline Business Services has helped more than fifty charity retail businesses to achieve their potential. He’s even written a book on the subject: The Science of Charity Retail.

In his spare time, he enjoys rugby (alas, watching rather than playing nowadays) and chess.