Virtual Training: Online, at your own pace!

Why virtual training?

Training within charity retail has for so long been one dimensional, lacked interaction and has not fully addressed the key aspects of charity retail management over and above the compulsory training.  The 360-degree training is geared to address this and includes the following elements:

Virtual Training Includes:

Registered UK training provider

As a UK registered training provider, we are proud of our ground-breaking, cutting edge training solution for charity retail teams that fundamentally changes the way charities can train their shop teams. It is designed for charity retailers by the leading charity retail experts in the UK.  It utilises state of the art Augmented Reality (AR) / 360-degree view and offers an interactive training experience in a real-world environment simulation. It can be completed in any location on any device and allows participants to dip in and dip out, so it is fully aligned to the working environment. It also comes complete with an accredited test and certificate of achievement, allowing it to form part an employee’s personal development.

So, if your charity wants to invest in your retail teams this is the ideal solution.

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