Jan 24 2022

The Retail Strategy 2022 Checklist

After the strains of 2020 and 2021 most people are looking forward hopefully to some normality in 2022 but the landscape will inevitably be quite different to life before 2020. Our blog ‘The perfect storm’ sets out clearly the reasons why the economic landscape is changing. Most Charity Retailers have updated their retail strategies since[…]

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Sep 15 2021

Are Retail Vacancies Holding Your Charity Back?

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that the number of job vacancies rose by 290,000 between May and July from the previous three-month period, to 953,000. That’s the highest level since records were started. Whilst haulage and other driving vacancies seen to be getting a lot of the publicity, they are far from the[…]

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Aug 24 2021

Charity Retail – The Superstore Race

The Olympics might be over but there is another race that’s starting to seriously heat up. It’s official – when it comes to Charity Retail, the ‘Superstore Race’ is in full swing! Everyone knows within real estate, business, commercial retail, and charity retail it is all about Location, Location, Location! But it used to be[…]

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Apr 11 2021

Let’s Talk Data

Economic downturns and uncertainty can be a time of considerable concern that make businesses batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass. Only when clearer skies are forecasted would they attempt to change accordingly. However, the most successful businesses will, irrespective of any downturn or uncertainty, consistently look inwards and, where necessary,[…]

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